How Will Covid-19 Affect Accident Injury Claims?

All areas of the US economy have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation has also led to disruptions in the court system. Many injury victims in Georgia have been left wondering how COVID-19 will impact their accident claim.

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly impacted the judicial system, similar to every other area of life in our society. But, in principle, the COVID-19 outbreak will not significantly impact your accident case. The law offices of Stein & Fox remain open for business and working with new clients, while simultaneously taking all necessary precautions to protect our team and clients against the virus.

The Importance of Legal Counsel during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Your accident claim should not be delayed due to coronavirus. While it may take longer to process your claim than before the pandemic, Georgia’s stringent rules on the deadlines to file a case remain effective. If you wait, you may potentially lose your right to take judicial action and recover damages.

We expect insurers to argue harder against your claims compared to before the COVID-19 pandemic. In this difficult economic environment, insurance companies are more likely to lowball your claim. It can be more crucial than ever to work with a Georgia personal injury attorney in these uncertain times.

The personal injury attorneys at Stein & Fox work on a contingency basis. This means that we do not ask for a retainer fee in advance. We get paid only if we win your settlement or a verdict in the future.

The fear of the virus still remains, and we understand the severity of the situation. Fortunately, various facets of the personal injury claim process can be undertaken online or over the phone. Our lawyers will work on your claim in a meticulous and diligent manner to ensure that you get the outcome you deserve.

Common Questions on Whether the COVID-19 pandemic will Impact Your Claim

Will the insurer settle my claim during COVID-19?

Yes, but bear in mind that the insurer will be vested in their own bottom line. Some insurance companies attempt to lowball claimants who do not stand up for their rights. We anticipate that insurance companies will be even more challenging to deal with at the present time. They may make lower settlement offers and try to handle accident claims as fast as possible before the victim can obtain legal counsel.

Is it possible to file a personal injury claim during the coronavirus closures?

Yes. Insurance companies are open for business as usual. They should process your claim in their routine manner.

Will my accident claim settlement payment take more time due to coronavirus?

There may be slight delays in the settlement process as insurance companies are functioning with few employees in their offices. Many employees are working from home, and this could lead to some delays. But insurers should still be able to process your claim.

Will my personal injury attorney continue to work on my claim?

The skilled personal injury attorneys at Stein & Fox will continue to work on issue letters, demands, and investigate your case the same as before the coronavirus pandemic.

Will it be more challenging to deal with insurance companies during the outbreak?

Insurance companies invest in the stock market as well as make other investments to make their money. In times of economic turmoil, these financial sources are hit hard.

In today’s uncertain times, the economy is on an unstable footing. This essentially means that insurance companies will tightly regulate the claims they must pay as they struggle to remain profitable. Insurers can be expected to become much more forceful as they try to settle out at the least possible amount and as rapidly as they can.

Insurance companies want to ensure that the victim settles before they have a chance to speak with a lawyer. However, in times like these, it is even more vital to have effective legal counsel. The insurer expects you to settle fast and at the lowest amount possible. Don’t let yourself get into this trap.

Fortunately, in Georgia, it is not in the hands of insurance companies to order the terms of your personal injury claim. A diligent personal injury attorney could effectively challenge a low settlement offer made by the insurance company.

We can file a suit on your behalf and represent you in a court hearing if required. It is unfair to you to have to settle for less than you deserve. While the insurer is offering less, your medical expenses will remain the same as they did before the coronavirus crisis.

The Impact of Georgia’s Statute of Limitations on your Personal Injury Claim

In Georgia, there is a stringent statute of limitations for personal injury cases. A person who suffers an injury generally has two years to file a claim for injuries due to a slip and fall, car crash, or another accident. You will lose the right to make a claim forever if you miss the deadline. After a claim is filed and the judicial process starts, the determination of a trial date will depend on the availability of the court.

While two years seems like a long time, but it passes quickly. In order to build a robust case, your personal injury attorney must make detailed inquiries. Do not wait for the last minute to consult a lawyer. The coronavirus crisis has led to court closures, and there will be delays in the overburdened system when the courts reopen. Consult a qualified personal injury attorney at the law offices of Stein & Fox at (770) 961-1700 today for a free consultation.