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Best Smartphone Apps to Keep Your Teen Safe on The Road

We live in a highly digitalized world where everyone, including kids, carries a smartphone. Having entrusted your child with a smartphone, you can also ensure their safety on the road by adding a few smartphone apps.

With the help of these apps, you can monitor their smartphone activity, help them learn safety lessons, or simply track their location to keep them out of harm’s way. Let us take a look at some smartphone safety apps that can help keep your child safe from various threats when they are on the road.

TrueMotion Family Safe Driving

If you are the parent of a teenager, reckless driving is a big concern when your child is on the road. Teen instincts veer children towards irresponsible driving, no matter how much you may try to teach them about safe driving habits.

This is where the TrueMotion safe driving smartphone app comes into the picture. This app can not only help you track your teenage child’s driving habits but also keep them motivated to inculcate safe driving habits.

Once you install the TrueMotion app on your teen’s smartphone, it will automatically start tracking all of their driving habits and also start rating all of your teen’s trips. Not only can you see your teen’s current location but also look at how they drove in order to reach there.

To rate your teen’s driving, the app records and takes into account sudden breaks, phone usage during a ride, speeding, and other similar factors. After you complete the initial signup, you will need to tell the TrueMotion app how often your teen drives in a week.

You must ensure that you and your teen input correct information, as the app will use your inputs to arrive at a safety rating. You can add as many family members as you want and start tracking their driving habits.

The TrueMotion app can track the driving habits of all members of your family, and everyone can see how the other family members are faring in terms of their safety score. This creates a healthy competition where your teen can get the motivation to start driving safely.

All in all, the TrueMotion app offers some excellent tracking features to make sure your teen, and other family members, are driving safely. The smartphone driving safety app motivates everyone in the family to drive safely by creating a sense of competition.

Family Locator by Sygic

Sygic Family Locator app keeps your children and family members safe by allowing you to check the real-time location as well as battery levels of their smartphones. With this app, you can track your children’s real-time whereabouts, or even ask them to check in at regular intervals so that you know where they are and if they have reached their destination safely.

The app also comes with an in-built messaging system that allows you to send messages to your child over an internet connection, without any charges. A unique feature of the Family Locator app allows you to set safe and unsafe zones, with the app notifying you when your child enters or leaves a particular zone.

The app also provides an SOS button that lets you send out your exact location at the tap of the button. You never know when your child might need it.

Life360: Find Family & Friends

Probably the best way to keep your child safe, especially when they are on the road, is to be able to track their location and chat with them anytime you want to. The Life360 app does an excellent job of keeping the entire family connected all the time.

It is a tracking app that keeps a complete record of your child’s whereabouts at all times, including where they are at present and where they were the entire day. The app also allows you to send personal messages as well as stay connected to all the family members in group chats.

All the family members who are registered on the Life360 app can be seen on an interactive real-time map and you can start chatting with anyone just by tapping on their profile. The app also provides an option to create separate groups for children and adults and an additional feature that allows you to track multiple families.

While the tracking and chatting on the app are completely free, you can also opt for some additional control and features that are available with the premium version of the app. Life360 Plus will cost you $50 for a year’s subscription and allows you to see the last 30 days’ tracking history, track a lost phone, create location alerts, and get roadside assistance.

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