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I Already Talked to The Insurance Company About My Auto Accident: Am I in Trouble?

There is always a potential for anyone involved in a car accident to make a personal injury claim. You must avoid speaking with the other driver’s insurance company, especially when you are under no legal compulsion to do so. Certain situations may call for you to speak with the other insurance company. Ideally, your insurer’s adjuster or a car accident attorney, if you retain one, should speak on your behalf.

When Does It Make Sense to Speak with the Other Insurance Company?

In some cases where the other driver is clearly at fault, but they either blatantly lie or do not respond to their own insurer, you might need to step in and furnish accurate information and facts related to the accident. This is one of the rare occasions when it makes sense to talk to the other insurance company as a lack of information might cause a delay in your settlement process.

Tips to Keep in Mind When You Talk to the Insurance Company

Considering that the insurer for the responsible party is not on your side, you must be very cautious in any interaction with their insurance company representative:

Be Courteous and Remain Calm Throughout

Remain calm and level-headed despite the anger you may have about your injuries or damages from the accident. Venting your justifiable frustration and angst toward the insurance company representative may hamper your chances of securing a fair settlement.

Record and Retain the Contact Details of the Representative You Speak With

Before speaking with anyone, make it a point to gather information like their name, telephone number, the insurance company they work for, and the individual or entity the company represents.

Do Not Divulge Too Much Personal Information

Apart from your essential contact and work information, you are under no legal obligation to discuss or explain any details concerning any aspect of your life, whether personal or professional.

Avoid Discussing the Details of the Accident

Insurance company representatives or adjusters may try to involve you in discussions regarding the accident, to try and cajole a statement or opinion that they can later use against you. Be polite but firmly refuse to let them draw you into such conversations and be careful not to divulge anything except the basic and essential facts.

Do Not Be Under the False Impression That the Insurance Company Will Be Fair

You will find that the insurance companies work to minimize their own losses and do not feel any obligation to treat you fairly. They routinely deny or delay rightful and legitimate personal injury claims as a part of their everyday business.

Resist the Initial Settlement Offer

Most victims of a car accident may need immediate finances because of car repair or medical treatment bills. Insurance companies knowingly take advantage of the injured person’s vulnerability and place a low settlement offer on the negotiating table right away.

Avoid Using the Body Shop Recommended by the Insurance Company

Insurance companies generally have agreements with repair shops and these shops might cut corners to keep the costs low. You can go with the insurer’s estimates to a body shop of your choice, and get the damaged car repaired.

Stand Firm Against Any Threats

It is not far-fetched for the insurance companies to send collection notices to the other driver after paying a claim to their policyholder. If you receive a letter threatening you with the suspension of your driver’s license in case you fail to pay the debt, you must demand proof of debt in a letter sent by certified mail.

Never Sign Anything Without Your Lawyer’s Review and Consent

Make sure to have your injury lawyer review any documents for fine print so that you do not unknowingly sign away the rights to file a lawsuit or pursue additional damages.

You Need a Competent Georgia Auto Accident Lawyer After Your Car Crash

To minimize the additional stress of dealing with an insurance company after the initial shock of your car wreck, contact an experienced lawyer to handle the negotiations on your behalf.

At Stein & Fox, we have extensive experience representing deserving accident injury victims in Georgia. If you have been hurt in a car wreck that was not your fault, call us today at 770-961-1700 for a free case review with a trusted personal injury attorney.


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