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Compensation and Responsibility from Dog Bites in Atlanta, GA

Being a dog owner has responsibilities that go with the occupation. A primary responsibility is keeping your dog from causing harm to other people and property. Dog bites can be a serious public health hazard with obvious and not-so-obvious physical and emotional damages to the victims. Depending upon the specifics, a person bit by a dog may face infection, lifetime disfigurement, permanent disability, or even death. Because the costs associated with treating the injuries from dog bites in Atlanta are often high, many dog bite victims seek medical and financial compensation. Stein & Fox LLC provides experienced representation for those who have been involved in an animal attack.

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What You Need to Know about Georgia’s “One-Bite” Law

The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that nearly 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs on an annual basis. And approximately half of those victims are children under the age of 10. Every state has its own regulations regarding animal attacks, and Georgia is no exception. Georgia’s dog bite law is often called the “one-bite” law, and it states that a dog owner is liable for all injuries and/or property damages caused by a dog as long as the attack wasn’t provoked by the victim. There aren’t any statutes defining provocation, but most cases tend to side with the victim if the dog was known to be vicious and/or the dog owner was negligent and/or they let the animal run loose without a leash.

Request a Free Case Review for Animal Incidents in Georgia

If you’ve experienced a dog bite in the Atlanta area, call Stein & Fox today to request a free case review. Your case may be helped if a report has been filed with the proper animal control or law authorities, you have photos of your dog bite injuries and/or you have any witnesses to the animal attack. Because animal incidents are an incredibly complex branch of law, it’s best to have attorneys experienced in such matters help protect your rights as the victim. Don’t delay; call us today!

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