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Electric Scooter Accident Lawyers in Atlanta, GA

The electric scooter era is in full swing in cities across the country, and Atlanta, GA, is no exception. As companies explore new ways to offer people easy and affordable forms of transportation, scooter companies like Bird and Lime have become a major presence on many city streets. As convenient as it is to be able to unlock and use a scooter whenever you want, there are inherent risks associated with riding scooters alongside fast moving cars on the road. While each company lays out specific rules for its riders, it is important to remember the learning curve is still in flux. At the Law Office of Stein & Fox, LLC, we are committed to staying informed about the latest developments in electric scooter rules and regulations and have even helped clients who have been involved in such accidents. As with any other form of personal injury, having an experienced legal team on your side can mean the difference between falling into a downward spiral or retaining your livelihood.

Establishing The Rules of the Road

While motorized bikes and scooters have existed for years, they have never been on the city streets on this scale. This means motorists in cars and trucks need to be aware that scooter riders will be sharing the road, since failing to do so can lead to serious accidents. If you’ve recently been in a scooter accident and you were following the rules by not riding on the sidewalk and not driving recklessly, you may have a claim. While the scooter companies themselves are quick to point out they have no liability, our legal team will sort out the details to ensure you are compensated.

Shared Equipment, More Malfunctions

If you’ve been on one of these rides sharing scooters, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that they are left in a variety of conditions. While there is usually a battery gauge showing a prospective rider how much juice is left, it is difficult to tell beyond an eye test what condition the scooter is really in. And while there are rules for how and where scooters should be parked, they are very difficult to enforce. Accidents can happen just because of a misplaced scooter or a scooter that isn’t functioning properly. If you’ve recently been in a scooter incident, call Stein & Fox today to set up a free consultation.

Getting Justice From Scooter Accidents

While some people ride scooters negligibly, most riders are responsible adults who follow the rules, wear protective equipment, and get to where they need to go. That being said, scooters do pose inherent risks, and because of how comparably light and fragile they are, you risk bodily harm every time you use one. If your injury from a scooter accident was caused by something outside of your control, getting legal counsel can help you seek potential compensation. Our law firm has stayed up-to-date with the changing rules and regulations regarding scooters.

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