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Garbage Truck Accident Attorneys in Atlanta, GA

Garbage trucks and dump trucks are found all over Atlanta, GA, and they are a fixture of modern life. The trouble is, these big machines can pose safety hazards, and when you’re involved in any sort of collision with them, it can be a scary, painful experience. Because they are so common all over the city, accidents are bound to occur. For years, the Law Office of Stein & Fox, LLC has helped clients from across the area with their claims following accidents with garbage and dump trucks. Our team of seasoned and well-trained attorneys are standing by to help you with your case. Whether you’re looking to file a compensation claim or have an ongoing case you need legal advice on, Stein & Fox is ready to help.


Dump Truck Wrecks Are Surprisingly Common

Consider the way you can maneuver around objects and obstacles when you’re driving your car, bicycle, or scooter. The inherent mobility and agility of smaller vehicles compared to dump trucks is one of the leading reasons why accidents with garbage trucks are fairly common. Besides being large, bulky vehicles, they have many of blind spots, and a driver who loses concentration for even a moment on a busy street can find themselves in a messy situation. Additionally, some dump truck accidents are the result of materials or parts of the garbage load falling off the vehicle into traffic or onto a pedestrian or another vehicle. Any time a garbage truck is not properly loaded with refuse, there’s a chance any kind of movement or sudden stopping and starting could send items flying off the vehicle. If you’ve been injured in any of the above scenarios, please give our dump truck accident lawyers a call today.

Damages in a Dump Truck Case in Georgia

As a victim of a garbage truck accident, you may be entitled to economic and other compensation. Medical services, home modification, and therapeutic devices could all be covered, in addition to intangible losses accounting for a diminished quality of life because of an accident with a garbage truck. If you can provide evidence showing negligence on the part of a garbage truck operator and show you were not doing anything to put yourself in harm’s way, you could be entitled to a wide range of compensation.

Helping You File a Claim With Insurance Companies

In addition to any legal proceedings, part of any personal injury case involves dealing with insurance adjusters. If you’ve been injured by a garbage truck which is owned by a large company, chances are their lawyers and insurance company will be aggressive and hostile to your case if you try to pursue compensation without legal representation. When you’ve been involved in an incident with a garbage truck, gathering evidence and witnesses as soon as possible is important because filing your claim with your insurance company can jumpstart the process. Our legal team at Stein & Fox can help with all facets of your case, including insurance claims, legal proceedings, and more. We aim to provide comprehensive services, so you can get your life back to normal.

Contact our garbage truck attorneys in Atlanta, GA, today.

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