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What to do if Your Car or Truck Accident Police Report is Incorrect

In case of a vehicle accident, a police report has to be filed. This police report will represent the official description of the accident site. While the report may be official, it does not mean that it’s indicative of what actually occurs.

If you are in shock and forget to narrate a part of your story, the officer taking your statement notes down incorrect information by mistake, or the other party involved gave an inaccurate account, it is crucial you clear up any inconsistencies when it comes to your car crash’s police report. If you notice a mistake in how the report is filed, it is within your rights to address that error immediately.

Inclusions in the Police Report

Law enforcement reports for vehicle and truck crashes typically include:

  • The names and contact details of the parties involves, including the motorists and passengers of both automobiles, as well as any witnesses that may have seen the collision
  • Vehicle model, license plate, year of manufacture, and other car identification details
  • Auto insurance coverage plan and the agent’s contact details
  • Details of the accident site, such as the road conditions, weather, time of the crash, traffic signals, and other descriptions of the site
  • A rough illustration of how the collision occurred
  • Statements from the people involved

Do I Need to File a Police Report after a Vehicle Crash?

For instance, in Georgia, if the vehicle accident damages are above $500 or if anyone involved in the crash sustains injuries, you must contact law enforcement to file a report right away.

A police report is still a prudent idea, even if the damages seem negligible and nobody appears to be injured. There could be vehicular damage that may not be obvious on the scene. More importantly, you or others involved in the collision could experience a delayed onset of an injury sustained during the crash.

What Should I do if I Notice a Mistake in the Police Report after a Crash?

For the best chances of claiming full compensation, you have to ensure that all information in the law enforcement report is as truthful as possible. This is undertaken to prevent the other party from conjuring scenarios and attacking you from a position that does not exist.

In a police report, there could be various types of errors, such as:

Factual Mistakes in the Police Report

Factual errors are incorrect objective information, which makes them quite easy to rectify. There is straightforward evidence such as the driver’s license to show that it is, indeed, inaccurate, and there is very little reason why a police officer would want to get the objective information wrong on purpose.

After the errors have been reported to a police officer with adequate evidence, they may write an addendum detailing the changes and attach it with the original report before filing both documents together.

Transcription Errors in the Police Report

Transcription errors occur when the actual details of the case are inaccurate. Such errors can occur in two forms, namely, non-inclusion and inconsistent statements. A non-inclusion occurs when an important piece of information about the case is not a part of the report. For instance, if the other motorist appeared to be swerving left and right as if they were intoxicated, it must be included in the report.

If the law enforcement officer fails to do this, it can impact the case. An inconsistent statement refers to an account when what you tell the police officer and what is written in the report are not the same.

Disputed Facts between You and the Other Individual Involved in the Vehicle Crash

Among the trickiest types of factual errors are disputed facts, as they may warrant dispute resolution before the report can be changed. For instance, if the report states that you were driving over the speed limit in a residential area, but you claim that you didn’t, it will be incumbent upon you to provide proof against what’s written in the report.

In most cases, the report is unlikely to change. However, that does not mean that you cannot take action if you genuinely believe that the law enforcement report is inaccurate.

How do I Request a Change in a Police Report after a Vehicle Accident?

If you want to let the officer know that the information is not correct, you have to offer an explanation or proof that will sway them in your favor. In case you cannot settle the police report in a manner that you believe is correct, then it may be time to call your car or truck accident lawyer and have them negotiate the report for you.

An Accident Report will be Crucial if Your Pursue Compensatory Damages

If you suffer an injury in a crash, the accident report will be one of the initial documents your personal injury lawyer will need to review in your case. The car accident attorneys at the law offices of Stein & Fox offer robust legal counsel to victims of vehicle crashes in Georgia. We can review your case and let you know whether you have a valid claim. You do not need to pay anything unless and until we recover for you. For a no-obligation consultation, call today at (770) 961-1700.

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